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Our history

Rex Factor began in 2010, when two friends and lapsed history students, Graham Duke and Ali Hood, discovered a shared love of history and podcasts, and decided to set about answering the question of who was England’s greatest monarch. In each episode, Graham takes Ali through the life story of each monarch before they review them on a number of different factors and decide whether or not they have that certain something they call…the Rex Factor! The podcast is well-researched (by Graham!) but light-hearted and fun, with Ali’s unpredictable and enthusiastic reactions bringing the stories to life. 


Since 2010, Graham and Ali have reviewed all the monarchs of England and Scotland, and are currently making their way through the consorts of England. They have been featured and recommended in the Radio Times, BBC Radio 5 Live, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, went on a live tour across the UK in 2018 and, with Tinmouse Animation, produced an animated version of the podcast on Richard III, which had its premiere at the King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester. The podcast has also developed a dedicated fan base, with its monthly patrons (the Privy Councillors) on Patreon getting access to over 200 bonus podcasts and the Rex Factor Discord server. 


What will be next? Kings of France? Russian Tsars? Roman Emperors? Prime Ministers? Presidents? Thankfully, there’s plenty more for Graham and Ali to get their teeth into! 

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